Development Group

Finance and Banking

Axon provides expertise in the Financial Services and Banking industries, with experience in Trading Platforms, Portfolio Accounting, Multi-currency, Wealth Management, Financial Services and Retail Banking.

Axon developed multi-program financial transaction and payment processing system that allows you to perform bookkeeping at program, agency, stakeholder, citizen and household levels. The solutions also let our clients collect and disburse payments.

Our clients

  • Commercial and Retail Banks
  • Financial Institutions
  • Insurance Providers
  • Trading Platforms
  • Wealth Management
  • Payments System

We delivered

  • Accounting module based on the double-entry system for bookkeeping and bill generation applications.
  • Billing system for small and medium enterprises
  • Bill generation and delivery that creates consolidated individual, family, or employer bills and delivers them by web portal, email, or mail.
  • Payment processing of full or partial payments made by any medium of exchange, including cash, credit card, check, and e-check.
  • Payment disbursement that is reconciled for accuracy through double-entry account and auditing.
  • Authorization to provide a high level of security for transactions and payments.
  • Reporting to generate standard and ad-hoc reports through web-based data queries and other reporting tools.