Development Group


Axon has extensive experience in the Insurance industry in both the commercial and government sectors. Our engineers have provided state-of-the-art, robust solutions for clients driving the introduction of the Affordable Care Act throughout the United States.

Axon developed financial, enrollment and case management SaaS systems as well as mobile applications that cover the entire customer registration, relationship and billing process from initialization to execution. We offer subject matter expertise, design, integration, and implementation services that cover all aspects of the Insurance marketplace.

Our clients

  • Life & Health Insurance Companies
  • Mortgage Insurance Companies
  • Property & Casualty Insurance Companies
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Case management Agencies
  • Independent Adjusters

We delivered

  • Billing generation and accounting system for insurance agencies
  • Enrollment System that is devoted for one-click automatic customer enrollment in the relevant program based on what benefits package or the product customer selected.
  • Insurance calculator
  • Claims Management System that is built specifically for the needs of Independent Adjusters
  • HSA/HRA/FSA and benefits management administrative system