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Axon offers a potent combination of services to empower the capacity of your development process.
The dedicated team is a cooperation model, of which the primary features are:
The R&D team works only on the client’s project (approx. 5-7 people).
- Work on the project on a long-term basis (approx. 6 months).
- The project is coordinated by the client, oversight is carried out by our dedicated project manager working in conjunction with the client.

This is an organized team that is fully involved in the project and is dedicated to it. At this stage, clients can decide on the formal criteria for each specialist. 

The clients are engaged in the organizational oversight of a dedicated team on an executive level. They own the project roadmap and carry out the full synchronization of every dedicated team member. Any organizational challenges encountered are delegated to the project manager. He distributes tasks between team members, holds stand-ups, and ensures that the delivery of all tasks is on schedule.

A major advantage of utilizing a dedicated team is its comprehensive involvement in solution development for your product. Every dedicated team member is focused on achieving a clients’ business goals in order to create a fully-fledged competitive product based on the latest information technologies available.

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