Development Group

Supply Chain and Warehouse Management

Axon developed end-to-end solutions for logistic and warehousing providers with services including Retail, Automotive logistics, Pallet distribution and Warehouse management.

We at Axon offer experienced designers and developers who have created integration layers allowing the seamless communicate between many different systems, programs, and processes, true Logistics at work.

We’ve also provided integrations with Amazon, UPS, SolidWorks, PayTrace, Xero and more systems.

Our clients

  • Supply Chain & Logistics Services
  • Warehousing and Distribution Companies
  • B2B Consumer Providers
  • Public and Private Transportation Companies

We delivered

  • Real Time Visibility through Customer Portal with Tracking
  • Order Booking
  • Fulfillment management
  • Customer Service automation, Enhanced Productivity with Seamless integration
  • Financial Control at operational level with deep integration
  • Predictive marketing analysis and forecasting
  • Sales cycle tracking
  • Graphical dashboard with drill down reports


Increase quality of processed orders, decrease costs and speed of orders processing

Raise inventory accuracy up to 99.8%

Increase picking and shipping accuracy up to 99.99%

Reduce transportation costs up to 30% for inbound, outbound and inter-facility moves

Optimize to 80% increases in transportation operational efficiencies

Improve customer service

Increase profitability


Reduce inventory by 10% – 30%

Free up working capital from unnecessary inventory buffers

Increase inventory turns

Reduce inventory carrying costs

Lower obsolescence rates

Increase customer service performance


Satisfy market demand more profitably

Reduce costs by optimally sourcing and deploying supply chain network resources to maximize service and profitability

Leverage simultaneous sourcing and multi-sourcing capabilities

Optimize loads and employ the lowest cost, most efficient freight and transportation strategies

Support multi-tiered distribution and manufacturing planning

Identify orders that are not profitable or cannot be met based on current constraints