Biometrics security

If security is your primary concern, let us help you by providing transparency based security solutions.
As society becomes more reliant on technology, criminals will also evolve using sophisticated methods to access sensitive data, obstructing business processes, or leveraging security flaws for financial gain. In this technological era, storing confidential data should be every business's primary concern.

Axon specializes in securing data, limiting access and providing ease of use through our software solutions. Our software engineers have developed both Mobile and Web-Based solutions that are at the forefront of the biometric security industry in both the public and private sector.

Axon’s experience with secure authentication utilizes biometric/facial recognition/verification algorithms that provides a security framework for your company and customers.

Our clients include

• Commercial and Retail Banks
• Commercial Security Providers
• Human Resources and Recruitment Agencies
• Online Marketplaces
• Commercial and Public Transportation systems
• Conference and Public Event Organizers
We have developed:
-Global ID Validation and Identity Assurance
-Identity Assurance of customers and/or employees
-Validation of matches between individuals and their IDs
-Removing reliance on data-based/knowledge-based authentication
-Complete security through facial recognition
-Duplication of a Records Management Assessment 

Today’s businesses rely heavily on biometric security management software to protect every facet of their organisation. Axon is a software engineering company that can provide you, unique solutions when you need them most.

Let us assist you with your efficiency
and productivity solutions.

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