Development Group

Biometrics Security

As people and organizations become more reliant on technology, criminals will develop increasingly sophisticated methods for accessing sensitive data, obstructing business processes, and leveraging security flaws for financial gain. Keeping confidential data become as a key point for any business.

Securing data, limiting access and proving ease of use is what Axon specializes in. Our staff has developed both Mobile and Web Based solutions which are at the forefront in the creation of industry leading cutting edge products for both Commercial and Governmental customers.

Securing access to information is a major security concern for your company, however, by utilizing Axon’s experience with secure authentication and bio-metric/facial recognition/verification solutions we can provide a security framework for your company and customers.

Our clients

  • Commercial and Retail Banks
  • Online Marketplaces
  • Commercial Security
  • Commercial and Public Transportations
  • Human Resources and Recruitment Agencies
  • Conferences and Public Events Organizators

We delivered

  • Global ID validation and Identity assurance
  • The identity assurance of the customer and/or employee
  • Ensuring a match between the holder and their ID
  • Removing the reliance on data-based and knowledge-based authentication
  • Complete security through facial recognition
  • Duplicate record assessment