About the client

Farmforesight is a start-up on the edge of the education and agriculture industries. The client requested that we develop a solution that simulates typical production processes of commodity crops. It assists farmers by developing management skills experience based on real world scenarios and identifies cause-effect relationships between actions and their results.

Business challenges

- Improve agriculture efficiency models
- Increase crop production through simulated models 
- Enhance efficiency through correct agronomic algorithms 
- Build meteorological algorithms and forecasting
- Costing and pricing of commodity crops for enhancing profit margins    


Solution, that was developed by Axon's team provides:
- Understanding of crop rotation planning
- Assists management of field technical operations 
- Timing of sowing, fertilizing, spraying and harvesting crops
- Inventory management
- Providing crop trading functionality. 

End-users will receive an analysis of each modeled action and deduce relevance, timeliness, and accuracy of the parameters for each of the actions in question.
The functionality of Farmforesight affords users the ability to utilize simulations in order to make valuable decisions and influence the expected results to quickly adapt to conditions and respond by making grounded decisions through an understanding of cause-effect relationships.

Expected results

- Simplify training and equitable assessment of company staff
- Simulation scenarios and comparison results of users’ actions without financial risk

Technology stack

Front-end: JavaScript.Our team used React.js, Lodash, Stylet-components, Amcharts
Back-end: Java 8 with the usage of Spring (Cloud, Spring Boot)
Database: MongoDB
Application deployed on the AWS: It allows for the effective maintenance of the application environment according to the business requirements

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