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About FileTrac

FileTrac is one of the biggest providers of Claims Management System in the US. FileTrac’s solution has been rated as the #1 Claims Management System in the Industry by a National Adjusters Association and is a web-based claims management solution for P&C, CAT, TPA and Auto Appraisal business. An ideal fit for firms with multiple office locations that require strong supervisory controls and a quality assurance drove workflow.


Web-based Claims Management System requires a full-time online connection for the Adjusters to be able to upload reports, communicate within the system, log expenses and time etc., that is not possible when working in the fields using the smartphone.

Solution description

Axon developed an iOS application for the Independent Adjusters who are working in fields. The App allows easily handle claim data entry, report & photo uploads, provide internal & client communications, adjust time, create expense logs, payouts and invoicing all in one integrated system.

In addition, the mobile application covers all gaps in workflows that are presented in SaaS solution what significantly increase both productivity and accountability.

Achievements after project delivery

- Significant simplification of daily activities for Adjusters. The adjuster can submit a claim in a few clicks using the smartphone.
- Real-time access to the database of claims.
- Ability to check status and make updates.
- Internal email and chat for fast and secure communication.
- Integration with Google maps for easy navigation and posting of labeled photos.

Implementation details

Working closely with the team of FileTrac Axon has built and released to AppStire the iOS application built with Objective-C, UIKit, SOAP.  Compatible with iPhone 6 and above.

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