What does Business Analysts do?

April 17, 2019

The goal of any product developed by our team is its intrinsic value to users and profit clients receive. It’s extremely important to involve business analysts in the solution development process in order to achieve your goals. Their task is to conduct a thorough competent business analysis of the product.

Product research

Clients may have an undeveloped product, which must be brought to fruition in order to maximize business value. When product development is completed clients often enter the market with a finished product, and may face some difficulties.

In order to avoid them, it's important to engage a business analyst to do user research, determine target audience of the product, understand its inquiries and its associated problems. With regard to these problems, they will identify the functionality of the product based on their experience and expertise, provide it to their clients as a comparison to their current vision of the product, with coherent instructions.

The result is a product which directly addresses every need, problems, and objectives of the end user. If users utilize the product and observe that the product/service solves their internal requests and tasks, it creates value-added benefits. The product is then considered successful.

Transformation of customers ideas into technical requirements

Our clients have an awareness of the market, are well-versed in the problems of their potential clients and have solutions for them. For successful development of their product, it is necessary to formulate their solutions in the context of technical requirements. If technical requirements are not precisely formulated, the communication between clients and the development team may become more complicated. A Business analyst prevents this from occurring by mediating at this stage.

Business analysts thoroughly study business aspects and technical issues of the product, they are able to translate the clients’ requirements into a technical language that will be understood by our developers. Thus, tasks are defined and clients receive tailored specified products.


As shown, a business analyst plays a crucial role as an intermediary between clients and developers in the solution development process. Their involvement necessitates cooperation and prevents problems occurring that may cost time and money.

They will perform a qualitative analysis of your requirements, monitor the market segment in which your product will be implemented and analyze the existing activity of competitors. Having obtained this data, he will compare your vision of how the product will be developed with what our company offers and argue in favor of its relevance.

As a result, you should not encounter resistance entering the market from your target audience and customer satisfaction with the product will solve their problems.

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