Overview: Models of cooperation with clients

April 10, 2019

Various models of cooperation are offered to our clients, each exists to take into account every need fathomable and provide a solution that complies with their requirements. Let’s review each model separately!

The Dedicated Team

This model is suited to clients that wish to form an R&D Team for their specific project on a prolonged basis.

Axon builds a client’s team based on their requirements, using our in-house development resources and recruitment capabilities. This depends on the level, skill set available right from the start in the development resources.

The team is headquartered in our office as we provide workplaces and will organize logistical support for all team members. Our company has created a microclimate that encourages developers to grow professionally, explore new technologies under the guidance of more experienced colleagues. This has allowed us to foster a positive microclimate within and maintain high retention of team members.

Project-based Approach

Utilizing this model, Axon will construct a custom solution for your business by applying extensive experience gained by Axon engineers.

Axon, in recent years, has gained broad experience in building web and mobile solutions for clients in Finance, Fintech, Insurance, Advertisement, and Automotive industries. Based on requirements received from you by Axon we will assign a team to design, code, test and deliver the product. Axon takes great responsibility for the final product and delivery to the end-users.

Team Augmentation

Axon will augment your existing team with experienced professionals in software development thereby ensuring seamless service and oversight.

This is best tailored to you if your team is working on a peak of productivity and you require more capacity to meet your deadlines. Axon will assign developers to reinforce your team and this model is best suited for short-term commitments requiring exact deadlines.

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